Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Racist Magazine Industry

You people are relentless. Some people think that I may not know that many people in the magazine business compared to the newspaper and television business simply because I work for a large newspaper and television company.

Others have suggested that while TV and newspapers are meant to play to a wide audience, most magazines are specialized to a specific topic, often appealing to a specific racial demographic. Some have even had the nerve to point out that their probably are not many white folks at Vibe, as it specifically caters to African-American hip-hop lovers.

Perhaps an analogy. I also don't personally know many minorities in the National Hockey League, and few would argue that Hockey lacks racial diversity. Understand?

My instincts are quite good on this subject, and if I don't know them, they probably are not there.

The New York Observer article makes it clear. The problem with the magazine industry is segregation. There should be white people at Vibe and Ebony, and there should be Black people at Martha Stewart Living and Sport Fishing Magazine, and all of the other lily-white magazines out there.

We should not cater to an audience simply because they are interested in a topic.

Equality is more important. Always.


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