Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not as predictable as the Juneteenth Day itself

It's hard being Eujean. I have to defend Mike McGee, and I have to write garbage like this. I don't believe a word of it, of course. I know that if whities were allowed to wager on whether or not there would be violence at the Juneteenth Day celebration that they would all be richer than they already are. I know that.

But what can I do? This is my market. I have to stick up for these knuckleheads. By the way, when I write "knuckleheads" that's code for "gangbanging murderers." I can't take the chance of offending the knuckleheads though, so I had to come up with a different term.

Now there are problems at other Milwaukee festivals. Normally I would point that out in my column. Unfortunately, it's not worth it here, as it's the same knuckleheads that cause problems on Juneteenth day. It's why they had to get rid of the V-ball court at Summerfest. And the midway too. Can't give Sykes and Belling any more info than they have.

I suppose that this is how Tony Snow feels, defending the indefensible. Some day I hope to go to an ethnic festival that reflects my ethnicity, but has no violence. Or, at the most, the minor, drunks getting in fights violence that they have at Summerfest. That we can deal with. People usually don't die in those fights. It never turns into a mob.

The mob mentality is the weirdest part. Sykes will probably compare it to voting 90% Democratic.

I'm going to turn in. I was going to go to a movie, but some kid will probably talk through the whole thing, and I'll be recognized, and some white person will ask me why my kind always does that, and I can't deal with that right now.

Plus I have to write an indefensible column.


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